Welcome back to our new site!

Much has happened since we were last live on this site, including the redesign of the site itself!

So, what’s happened since last we talked?

Our Rocket League team lost Waffle – he got a chance to play for EnVyUS, and took it. We wish him the best of luck, and are cheering for him!  We then got Hank as our third and final member of the Rocket League roster, and the boys have had a bootcamp to get to know each other and their playstyle since then. We starting our RLCS run on the 23rd of August.

We let go of Makaveli, Hastrup, Henningsen and Mauz from our Overwatch roster – and have welcomed Zaprey, Mono, Paghminister and SpoXez to our new roster. We expect much of this strong sqaud, and hope to be among the top 5-10 EU teams very soon. They will be streaming tournaments regularly on Flames TV!

We’ve also signed Laske, the #1 Danish Super Smash Bros 4 player to represent us in the fighting game community. He went on to win his first tournament as part of the Flames family, as he took home Headstomper 2017 in Malmø, Sweden. Laske will be very tournament active, as online Smash play is not optimal for the quick twitch actions of the fighting game.

Inderen went 3-3 at Dreamhack Valencia and sadly didn’t qualify for the playoffs. He is still going strong though as he has tried his hand successfully with buy-in tournament. He’s also working on a Hearthstone project we will unveil very soon.

Last but not least, we held two League of Legends summer camps for our fans, where they learned from our very own Daniel Vorborg to be better teammates and better League players. We will doing them again later this year.

We also have an upcoming (but as of yet unreleased) new team in a new game to tell you about, so keep your eyes peeled for that!