Welcome tekzinz

We’re very excited to welcome an important piece of the puzzle of the future of Flames – new Head of Esports Philip “tekzinz” Karsbøl.

Today, we welcome Philip “tekzinz” Karsbøl to our team as our new Head of Esports. Steffen Thomsen explains: 

“I am extremely excited to have Philip join our club again, as he has been on our watchlist for a very long time. He first joined us as our CS:GO coach back in 2019 and impressed us throughout his stay. We were unable to keep him for various reasons, but he has always been someone we wanted back when the time was right. With Vorborg leaving I took over his responsibilities and I quickly realized we needed someone with in-depth knowledge of the Counter-Strike scene. With Philip we get exactly that and more.”

As soon as we began talks with Philip it became clear that we shared many of the same values and ideas to build the next iteration of Flames. Philip has extensive knowledge of the Danish scene and he has experience developing its talent, which has already shown in his work creating Flames 3.0. 

Thomsen elaborates: 

“Philip has many of the core ideas and values that we want to work with to establish our 3.0 line-up, and I am looking forwards to what the future holds for Copenhagen Flames with him leading the CS:GO division as well as our other sporting endeavours.” 

Philip is already working hard and is excited to show what he’s been cooking soon: 

“I feel so blessed and honored to be joining Copenhagen Flames as their new Head of Esports. I have felt connected to the club since my last stay as Head Coach. The organisation is filled with passionate, kind, and hard-working people; which made my previous stay a true joy. I want to work with talented people and players, and this I know I will be doing in Copenhagen Flames. I will be doing my very best to continue and build on what Vorborg started and develop the future of Flames with smart and bold decision-making. I’m excited to be part of this club and community and can’t wait to get started!”

We can’t wait to show you more of what we – and Philip – have been working on. 

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