Welcome Rookie

Welcome Pierre “Rookie” Halajian as coach for our female CS:GO team. 

Steffen Thomsen, CEO:

“I am very pleased that we are able to appoint Pierre ‘Rookie’ Haladjian as our new Female CS:GO coach. He brings experience from the male scene and has proven to be a valuable resource of knowledge for our team. His structure and practice principles will be key as we continue our development of the team. Our ultimate goal of being the #1 female team is still long way ahead but,with “Rookie” we have added another important building block. The teams has taken plenty of important steps during this year, playing at GameBox LAN, winning a Cash Cup and qualifying for the ESEA Intermediate/Main playoffs. With “Rookie” onboard, we expect even better results going forward.”

Pierre “Rookie” Halajian:

“To begin with, I have known Copenhagen Flames back from its early days, 2016-2017, and throughout the years. While observing the success of the team, it simply creates the thought or feeling of: “I want to be part of this organization, I really want to make history”. When both parties have similar interests/goals, it even motivates/inspires me more to integrate into this project. From my 1st day with the team until now, the girls are proving day by day of what they are capable of, and what we can achieve together in this project. Of course the goal is to be the best in the world, and throughout the journey to achieve as much as possible, and to represent Copenhagen Flames the best way possible, as it truly deserves.”