Welcome 7licious & Lina

We’re happy to welcome our newest additions to our female CS:GO line-up.

Today is a great day, as we are back to a complete starting lineup on our CS:GO Female roster!
The team has worked hard, since the departure of Vicky and Rikke to find the right constellation of players moving forward. They’ve also had to look a little further than normal, since our two new additions are from Sweden!

Joining our roster will be:


Tilde Bystrøm


Lina Henriksson

About our two new signings, Head of Esport Daniel Vorborg adds:

“We are very happy to be able to add Lina and Tilde to our lineup, as they are both really great players and personalities for the team.
Tilde impressed me right off the bat when I had a talk with her. Her passion and drive for becoming the best shines through right away, so very quickly the entire team knew they wanted Tilde to join. Tilde has also taken up the in-game leader role, as she has some experience, and taking initiative just comes very natural to her.
Lina has come in with a lot of determination and opinions and ideas of how to play the game. It fits very well with her taking up the AWP in the team, as we believe it’s crucial to have a very impactful player in that role.

Both Lina and Tilde have meshed extremely well with the team, and motivation is at an all time high.

I want to thank Anna, Josefine and Jenny also, as they’ve been great with taking initiative to find our new two players. I can’t wait to get to work with the team more, and see how they do in their official matches”