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Thank you for reading this. Following our partnership with IOI we would like to introduce you to our esport teams, the different leagues we compete in and to give you an overview of how each title works competitively. We have been active in all sort of esport titles like Overwatch, PUGB, Rocket League and Hearthstone but have sinced changed gears and are now engaged in CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends and Smash Bros. Ultimate. They are different reasons for that, as the world of esports are ever changing and are primarily controlled by the game developers behind the games and how they want the competitve scene to be shaped.

For any of you who are not that into esports yet, here a brieif introduction to each game and our current competitive level.



Our in-game leader, or the captain of the team. He calls the shots and outlines the strategy for each round.


Our main AWP’er, meaning he wields the large sniper rifle during games, which can one-shot enemies.


The jokester of the team, and brings a lot of firepower. He’s able to take over games when he’s at his best.


The backbone of the team and primarily uses rifles. When he brings his A-game the rest of team follows suit.


Our support player. He helps the team by setting up kills as well being very vocal and creative when preparing maps.

Pretty much everyone involved in gaming knows Counter-Strike and the latest edition has been able to gain a lot of interest, even from mainstream media and the more casual gamers. There is a ranking system on hltv.org, where all the teams in the world are ranked – at the moment we are ranked 81 in the world and our goal for this year is to reach the top 40 or 50.

We handpicked every player on the team, which is rarely done. The more traditional way is to pick up full teams who have done well without esports club behind them. We want players who fit our vision and values and so we decided to pick each of them to form the 5-man roster.

You can watch their games at twitch.tv and we update on when and where on Twitter, as well as post results.

League of Legends


Our toplaner and most recent addition. A former LCD champion, he holds his own against any LCD toplaner.


Holds the jungle role where his aggressive style help the other lanes gain advantages.

Eden Fox

A immensely mechanically gifted player who has proven very difficult to play against in the mid lane.


Our ADC and main damage dealer. He partners Kalhira in the botlane and now among the best in his role in the league.


Our support player - a very important role on any League of Legends team. He was the league MVP of the last split.

One of the most popular esports titles ever, probably has the most structured esports scene of all the games at the moment. At the top you have the big leagues like LCS (NA), LED (EU) and the LCK (KR), which are all franchise league and just below that you have national leagues. They are international tournaments you can qualify for, through the leagues as well. The Worlds tournament where all the best teams in the world face off as well as lesser tournaments like the Nordic Championship and the European Masters.

We play in the LCD, the Danish national league where we have been very successfull reaching the finals 3 times, unfortunately we are bit cursed when it comes to this as we have been unable to win despite topping the regular season mulitple times. Our team is very young and has shown great potential so far, and we hope the current split will gain us our first title!

You can watch their games at twitch.tv/leaguedenmark and we update on when and where on Twitter, as well as post results.



Only 16-years old and already among the best Danish players and a very popular streamer by Danish standards.


Another young player of only 16 years. The brother of our former OW player “Nerfdd” - esports talent runs in the family.


Our latest addition and a real tactician. One of the more succesfull players competitively, placing highly in a lot of tournaments.


The entertainer and a mechanical genius. At the moment he duos with Fnatic’s Jarl.

The very popular game from Epic Games has had a huge impact on the gaming scene and is slowly buidling an esports scene as well. We are the leading Fortnite esports club in Denmark where we have some of the biggest streamers and best players. At the moment our 5 players are trying to qualify for the $30.000.000 World Cup. They play to qualify each weekend, either as duos or solos. So far we’ve reached the finals almost every time but have been unable to qualify for the main tournament in New York – only 4 solo players or 8 duos qualify each qualifier.

We have also created an academy for young players wanting learn and develop their skills. Building the talents of tomorrow is very important to us, not only for our pro-teams but also to help the aspring players gain more knowledge of how to best balance their gaming/esports life. Exercising, healthy diet and mental preparation are at the core of our development plan.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Our Smash Bros. player since early 2017. He has consistently been the best or 2nd best player in the country and continues to impress in international tournaments as well.

One of the lesser esport titles, but a very important one to us as we always want to support grassroot gaming communities where the money means less and the game means more. There are alot of tournaments in the US and the game is growing in Europe as well. In Denmark we have a small but very competive scene where every player actively supports the scene.

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