Welcome flames shieldmaidens

We’re excited to our new female line-up – a new roster with it’s own identity. Welcome Flames Shieldmaidens. 

Today we unveil the 2nd roster who will be a big part of Flames 3.0.
The female scene has been a vital part of the Flames DNA for some time now, and we wanted to stay true to our dedication to it. We creating a more structural and professional environment to help the team and the individual player grow, and we look forward to continue our work with ramziiN, Josefine and rookie.
Furthermore we’re pleased to add Nayomy, Qiyarah and nayay to our line-up and welcome them to the brand new Flames Shieldmaidens
Head of Esports Philip Karsbøl says: “Both Nayomy and Qiyarah are young and talented players who work hard and are eager to win. They are both diamonds in the rough and I can’t wait to see them grow and become top players. Our last addition to the team is nayay who brings calmness, initiative, and the willingness to do anything in her power to make the team succeed. She is a real team player and she always puts the team first. Even though the girls haven’t had much time together we have big ambitions for this project. We want to compete with the best female teams in the world and want to be a part of the ESL Impact tournament. We are also going to compete in the ESEA Open league where the girls have their first match this week.”