Welcome djL

We’re happy to welcome Daniel “djL” Narancic as our new CS:GO coach.

“I’m very pleased that we’ve managed to land a deal with Daniel.

As soon as we saw the news of Daniel being a free agent; AcilioN and I discussed the possibility of attaching him to our team. Briefly after, Daniel actually reached out to me, so both parties really wanted to make this happen from the get go.

Daniel has a great mind for Counter-Strike and has been observing with us for a while in both practice and officials, and he has started taking over the reigns with the team.

We’ve been looking for a long time for the right fit for the head coach position, and I strongly believe we’ve found it now.”

Daniel Vorborg

Head of Esports

Daniel Narancic

CS:GO Coach

“I’m really happy to join such a great organisation. I accepted this challenge because of the hard—-working, hugely talented people in the team.

I’ve enjoyed my first few weeks with Flames, and I can tell that we’ll be developing into a successful roster in the future.”