We’re happy to welcome Mads “Console” Skovby to Copenhagen Flames.

Here at Copenhagen Flames we are extremely excited to welcome Mads “Console” Skovby as the fifth member of the CS:GO team! Mads joins us after an adventure abroad with the German team Alternate Attax.

Director of esport Daniel Vorborg had the following to say about the signing:

“We are very happy to welcome Mads to Copenhagen Flames, as we believe he will complete our line-up perfectly. Mads has a ton of experience, having played in Alternate Attax and Tricked previously, and he can help set up some of the more inexperienced players on the team. I’m also very happy with the fact that we can attract players with a resume like Mads’, it truly shows the path we are on as a club right now.”

Mads has played with the team for a little while, and also played in the qualifier for the LANTrek tournament in Finland, helping us win.

Here is why he chose to join
Copenhagen Flames:

“I have chosen to join Copenhagen Flames as I believe in the people in, around and behind the team. I know Sebastian “Basso” really well and have seen the other guys play also. I’m really excited for the opportunity to play with all of them. My goals and ambitions for this lineup is to make it into the top 30 on the HLTV list at some point. It will take a while and it’s going to be tough, as there are a lot of strong teams out there – but I believe in my new teammates.”

Welcome our newest member!

Mads is of course joining the team after a vacancy left by the decision to drop Dennis “Sycrone” Nielsen, as the team never really got on the same page.

Daniel Vorborg had the following to say about the new team dynamics:

“He will not be a direct replacement to Dennis as he is not an ingame leader. Instead Rasmus “Hooxi” Nielsen will take on the reins of leading the team in-game, and Mads’ job will be to assist Rasmus in guiding the troops. Mads has been practicing with us for a bit now and helped us qualify for LANTrek in Finland. The team already seems to mesh very well; having a lot of the same ideas about how they want to play. Both personally and professionally, we believe we’ve found the right fit”

However Mads still has some obligations to Alternate Attax, which means he has to play 8 games of ESEA’s MDL, which in turn means he cannot participate in our ESEA Advanced games.

Daniel Vorborg also shares his thoughts on why we still signed Mads to the roster.

“It’s of course not an optimal situation that Mads cannot participate in our ESEA Advanced game, since reaching MDL is definitely a big goal for us. However; we are still building for long-term success, and Mads is the correct fit for us long-term. Reaching MDL will be incredibly hard, since we will now have to play with a substitute for this season, but we will of course still do our best. Instead, we will focus more on achieving success in the open qualifiers and LAN events taking place in next few months, starting out with LANTrek in Finland.”