welcome back farlig

Benching and transfer listing of Iulian ‘regali’ Harjău and signing of Asger “farlig” Jensen to replace him

As of today “regali” has been benched and transfer listed and to replace him in the starting lineup we have signed our former player “farlig”. Asger will join the team immediately and play in the BetBoom Playlist. Urbanistic tournament this morning.

We have made this decision as we are convinced our team needed a change in order for us to reach our goals and to fulfil the potential of the roster as a whole. Iulian has been an outstanding player for us and has the ability to win any given round on his own. He has all the tools to be a world class player and we thank him for his great service to our club, helping us win 5 tournaments and reaching the top 30 again. 

“It should be obvious to all that “regali” possesses some unique qualities. As far as his raw skill and mechanical abilities are concerned, he already belongs to the absolute world elite. At the same time, we also have to recognize that in some ways the fit isn’t perfect for how we want to play and the direction of the team. And so we have made this change to improve the overall level of the squad.”

In addition, we believe that “farlig” is a perfect fit. He is first and foremost a fantastic guy and teammate, but in addition he is also an incredibly talented player who historically has performed at a very high level at our club. Since his last stay in Copenhagen Flames, “farlig” has gained even more experience, and we expect him to make an immediate impact.”

Philip Karsbøl, Head of Esports at Copenhagen Flames

We wish Iulian all the best and will do everything we can to ensure he continues his career at the best possible place.

We hope our great fans will welcome Asger with open arms and that we in turn will be able to repay your support by replicating the success of our former rosters – competing at the Major and among the world’s elite.