We are proud to announce a new partnership as we join forces with GoMore. Our new partner is Denmark’s leading online website for car rental and carpooling. Another step towards our ultimate goals has been taken as we continue to expand and grow and the GoMore partnership solidfies our growing status among organisations in Europe.

GoMore Chief Marketing Officer Mikkel Marius Winther says:

“Esport is growing rapidly and we want to be a part of that as well as support the continued growth. Copenhagen Flames is a very committed and serious organisation and through our partnership we hope to discover where we can make a difference and how to do it.”

“Thousands of Danes share an interest for esport and many of them are already members of GoMore but a lot them aren’t. We believe this partnership can help us reach this group of people. Furthermore we like to be part of something as exciting as esports where things are moving ahead quickly.”

Our owner & CEO Steffen Thomsen shares his thoughts:

“I’m proud of us. We continue to grow and expand our group of partners. We have shown we are an attractive organisation to partner with and are able to make a difference for them. We haven’t changed our strategy or direction since we started a year ago which has helped us grow and build a strong culture among staff and players. This foundation enables us to present a clear cut vision of what we want to achieve and be about to our partners. This makes it all the more easier to find an equal path to succes for us and those partnering with us. “

As always we seek to give back to our fans and so you can now get a discount of 100 DKK on your first GoMore car rental. Go here and type in the promo code “Flames” as you conclude your booking. You can also choose anyone of our players names to support them directly.