Danish Hearthstone Championship

We are proud to present this new tournament, where we look to find the best Hearthstone player in Denmark!

The format is designed by our very own Erik “inderen” Kristensen, with input from top Danish players “Crane333” and “Hoej. Players will duke it out through 7 qualifiers for the prizes as well as “DM” points, which will determine who goes through to the top 6 LAN finals in Copenhagen and the 1st prize of 7.200 DKK!

Total prize pool is 20.000 DKK divided like this:

1st:  500 DKK
2nd: 200 DKK

LAN Finals
1st:         7.200 DKK
2nd:       3.000 DKK
3rd:        2.000 DKK
4th:        1.200 DKK
5./6th:   850 DKK

Particpiants include: “Hoej”, “Crane333” and “FreddyB” – all part of the Danish National team as well as several other top level players.

We will be streaming all of the qualifier semi-finals and finals on Flames TV casted by Erik “inderen” Kristensen and Daniel Vorborg.