Two Weeks in the North

Mikkel Guldborg, League of Legends coach & manager.

Two weeks have gone by since the start of DreamHack’s Nordic Championships and it has already been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. During the first week of Nordics we were facing the two best teams from Norway, with our first opponent being Celestial Gaming. 

We came well-prepared for the series against Celestial but was not able to execute on the draft we had practised. Nevertheless; we felt a skill gap between us and Celestial and after losing the first map we quickly bounced back, reverse sweeping them 2-1. 

Our next opponent in the first week would be Norway’s strongest team – Nordavind, with former Flames player “Kektz” in the toplane. Going into the first game I was definitely not ready for the draft phase, where Nordavind pulled out a Heimerdinger/Tahm kench bot lane. Luckily through sheer individual skill, and a great Baron steal from “Yung”, we were able to come back and take the first game of the series. Heading into game two we had a great start of the game but slowly we kept giving our opponents lead where they shouldn’t have gotten them, and that most us the second map. Game 3 we had everything going for us – we came out with the better draft phase and the better performance, in the end earning us the 2-1 win against Nordavind.

That concluded the first week of Nordics; with us beating the two best teams Norway could send, leaving us extremely satisfied. But the satisfaction was not everlasting.

Yung steals the Baron from Nordavind.

Week two of Nordics we were facing the arguably two best teams of the tournament – Ventus and The Final Tribe. There is not much to say about those two games. Our early game was near perfect in all of the games, but our mid to late game was lagging, and we weren’t able to hold onto our leads.  It was the same mistakes showing in both games. 

But our mistakes were clear and so is our way of solving them. We are all extremely confident and when we fix these mistakes, we will become the best team in the North. 

This week's matches

Tuesday July 30th

WHO:  MJ Esports

WHEN: 19:00 CEST


Thursday August 1st

WHO:  Dusty

WHEN: 21:00 CEST