The future of flames CS:GO

As roeJ and nicoodoz moves on to fnatic, we are looking to reboot our Counter-Strike department and find new homes for the remaining three players. 

What a run we’ve had with our CS:GO division the past year. We have competed at two Majors; defeating teams like Faze, Astralis, ENCE and Heroic. We made the playoffs at PGL Major Antwerp and hit the top 10 in the world as well as being the highest ranked Danish club right now.

Back in 2018, we made a lineup, which both roeJ and HooXi were part of. This marked the beginning of a journey which has had its ups and downs, but always had an upward trajectory. Flames 1.0, as we call it, developed and strengthened month by month; and we slowly but surely became an elite talent development club where our lineups quickly made an impact and did damage at the highest level. Players and entire teams were sold multiple times and we continued to build on the success, creating stronger lineups while climbing the ranks of CS:GO.

Flames 2.0 gave us our international breakthrough. HooXi, roeJ, jabbi, nicoodoz and Zyphon rocked the world with their run through all the way through the open qualifier for IEM Fall to the PGL Major in Stockholm, where we proved how a small-budget team can challenge the tier 1 clubs via commitment, passion, extremely hard work, and teamwork. A narrow loss to NiP kept us from making the playoffs and playing in the Avicii Arena, but it gave us a clear indication that we were on the right path and that we had everything it took to be among the world’s best.

The PGL Major in Antwerp was the culmination of what we have built throughout these past 4 years, and our top 8 placement was not only a great achievement by the 5 players and staff around them – but also an achievement which was made possible by the hard work of several of our former players, teams, coaches, and office staff. They have all been part of this fairytale and I hope they all feel that way.

Now another chapter begins. A rebuilding phase which we know very well, but our starting point is very much different and much stronger. Our recent success has attracted partners, brought on more media attention, increased our fan base, and strengthened our economy. Although we know that we are nowhere near our competitors budget-wise still; we have no doubt that we are among the world’s best in terms of creating successful lineups and developing players who can compete at the highest level.

Flames 2.0 is no more, and nicoodoz and roeJ move on to fnatic with our immense gratitude and well wishes. We will also be looking to find new homes for HooXi, jabbi and Zyphon. All of these players have proven that they belong at the top tier of Counter-Strike, and we will do everything in our power to make sure they are treated as such wherever they go. 

HooXi, an immaculate leader (watch the documentary) who won’t allow complacency. He has risen through the international IGL ranks steadily and has proven his tactical mind. jabbi, one of the most promising young Danish players right now. Great communicator, proven against elite competition (1.12 at Stockholm, 1.03 at Antwerp) and still a teenager. Zyphon – his crosshair placement is world class. Carried the win against Imperial (34-21, 20-3) and is still very young. Went from Astralis Talent to playing 2 Majors in a years time.

If any clubs are interested in any of the three, please contact Steffen Thomsen at or Unni Christiansen on Twitter DM @superunni_ or 

Going forward, our aim is to maintain our current level of play and results. Our next lineup will be one full of potential, and although we know the road back to the Major and the elite CS:GO teams will be tough, we have high hopes and plenty of confidence stating that this is our goal. We have plans to work even closer with our partners utilizing their resources in both data and science to accomplish this goal.

If you are a supporter or fan of our club, please don’t be disheartened. We will continue being ambitious, daring and bold. And although players and teams change, our DNA and core way of creating winning lineups will not. Stick with us, it will be worth it.

Steffen Thomsen
CEO, Copenhagen Flames.