Statement Regarding Our Participation in L33TCUP

A couple of days ago, after our 0-2 loss to Axis in L33TCup; we announced that we asked the admin team to look into suspicious behavior from the enemy team. Within the hour, the admin team said they did not have any conclusive evidence and let Axis play in the upper bracket final. We were not satisfied with the situation and decided to look into the situation ourselves.

This is us following up on the incident.

After further reconsideration, the admin team of L33TCup has decided to disqualify Axis because of evidence that one of their players was not playing fairly.

This means Navi JR and ourselves will move into the “Last Chance” Bracket.

While we are disappointed that the Axis vs Hellraisers match was not postponed to investigate the situation, which would have allowed us a chance for first place in the group, we acknowledge that the admin team has tried their best to rectify the situation.

We will continue to play from the “Last Chance” bracket, aiming to win the whole tournament.

– Daniel Vorborg, Head of Esports, Copenhagen Flames