After the news of Buuuh parting ways with the team, and Christosan moving to the manager role, our PUBG squad needed fresh talent. PlayerJones and Slim have been brought in to continue the growth the team has had over the last couple of weeks.

Our Esports Director Daniel Vorborg adds to the signing of Slim:
“We wanted to find players that we both saw potential in for the future, but also players that had atleast some kind of experience. We are starting up GLL next week, and while it’s not do or die for us, we still find it important to build on our recent success. We feel like we’ve found the perfect solution for this. We’ve brought in Slim, who has been part of some our biggest successes as a substitute in both Curse Trials and the GLL qualifier. On top of that he is also a bit older, and can act as a leader on the team. Together with Hamster, we expect them to be able to create guidance for our two young guns: noiizE and PlayerJones. So when we got the opportunity to sign Slim, it was a no-brainer”

He continues on the signing of PlayerJones:
“Whenever we can, we look for Danish talent. But we still wanted guys with some kind of experience at the highest level, so we could continue our performances versus some of the best teams in Europe. PlayerJones has in the last two weeks subbed in for PENTA, and has shown that he has what it takes to compete with the very best. His passion for the game, and what he is willing to sacrifice for success is admirable, and we are extremely happy with the signing.”

The teams first official performance will be on Wedensday the 14th February in the Global Loot League.