"The entire team would like to apologize..."
Daniel Vorborg on our fourth match in League Championship Denmark

Yesterday we suffered our first loss in the League Championship Denmark and it was against the defending champions Good Game Esport. As always we aimed to win the game, and such it is of course terribly disappointing to take a loss. What bothers us the most, though, is not only the loss but the manner that we lost in. We didn’t listen to each other, and follow through on the calls being made. And at times, our calls were too focused on picking up individual kills, while Good Game Esport roamed around the map taking towers and outmacroing us.

Moving forward, we will make sure to analyze our games versus Good Game Esport, taking with us what we can learn from it, and then move on. We have a packed practice schedule for the future; and we’ll turn up the intensity to make sure we get to the point where we need to be for future matches.

After our loss, we move down to 3rd place in the league, 2 points after Singularity, and 1 point after Wicked Gaming. However we are still in the position that we can secure the first place for ourselves if we take home 2-0 victories as we face these teams in the coming two weeks. First up is Singularity so that is our next focus – this game is incredibly important as it is the first step towards retaking the first place.

The entire team would like to apologize for yesterday’s performance, but I can promise you that we will work hard to make sure we do not take another loss. Thanks for the continued support on social media, and in the twitch chat. It warms my heart to see all the people rooting for Flames in twitch chat!


WHO: VS Singularity

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: Monday, September 10th, 19:00 CEST

WHERE: twitch.tv/leaguedenmark