We are happy to announce that Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal joins the Scouting Grounds team. Learn more about Ram’s role in the interview below.

You’ve previously been talking about creating a Scouting Grounds yourself, why are you interested in this sort of project?
I ran one for eUnited in the end of 2016, it really helped me get in touch with the challenger scene, and the players in it. Beyond that, it was also a great tool for scouting out new talent, since there are many aspects of teamplay, that can be very difficult to judge from soloq. And in Europe, I feel like giving the players the chance to get proper exposure will help out their careers a lot. Providing this platform for the players, can be an essential part of continously cycling fresh talent into pro play.

What made you join forces with Copenhagen Flames on this project?
I figured it would be wrong of me to try and make a competition happen between two organizers, and I don’t think it would be beneficial for the scene as a whole. I think it’s a lot more productive if we join forces, and focus all of our energy into one amazing Scouting Grounds event, that can help players, fans and teams looking for talent.

What will be your role within the project? Short-term and Long-term?
For the Nordic Scouting Grounds, I believe my positioning and following in the scene will help create exposure for the event. I’ll also be coming on as a shoutcaster for the Nordic event. For the future though, the plans are to also be hosting an European Scouting Grounds, for all of the talents in Europe, and since that’s more my scene, I’ll be looking to take a bigger part in that. For the European event I’ll have a more active role in the organization and recruitment of the event.
What are you hoping the players and fans get out of the event?
First and foremost: Exposure and experience for the players. I think it is important that we provide a closed setting to let talent foster.
What are your plans for the next split?
At this point in time I cannot share my plans for next split, but I have some of my own. I definitely hope to be coaching again next split.

Brokenshard has been in the professional scene ever since the start of LCS, competing as a jungler for DragonBorns in EULCS season 3. Since then Brokenshard has worked with many renowned organizations as both a player and as a coach. Among those teams are compLexity, SK Gaming, Gamers2, Team Dignitas, eUnited and Red Canids in Brazil.

We are very happy to have Brokenshard on board, and you can enjoy his and Daniel Vorborg’s casting on September 15-17