pubg scouting grounds recap

We hosted a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds event this weekend, for hopeful Danish teams, trying to show of their skill. To follow up on the event, we can now bring you the stats from Saturday’s games.
Due to an unfortunate crash, we do not have complete stats from Game 5, and have decided to exclude that game from the stats, as we wouldn’t have the full picture. But instead we can list here the top 3 finishers in Game 5:
1.  Fniff, Az1res, Nixtys, Wan7ed
2. RamsesTheGreat, Buuuuh, NoiZee, Christosan
3. Spltaces900, HrKaiser, Rabiika, Craster

During the first 4 games, the players that had the most kills were:
1.  PremiBG                     14 Kills
2. RamsesTheGreat    11 Kills
2. officialbjorn               11 Kills
2. Debea                         11 Kills

Underneath are the stats from the 21 Squads that participated in the event.