League of Legends coach Jake “Mora” Hammond on joining Flames and the upcoming match

When I was approached to join Copenhagen Flames, I was very excited about the project that they presented me with. This is without doubt a very ambitious organisation, which strives for excellence and has very lofty ambitions that I hope I can help them achieve over the course of my tenure.

We have an incredibly strong roster here, and I am hoping to tap into the experience of the more seasoned players of Kektz, styllEE and Grisen, to help guide the team to where it aspires to be. I am also excited to work with the young Danish talent that we have at our disposal in Raxon and JensenJR; both of whom have incredibly bright futures.

We gave a strong showing in my first week with the lads up against Singularity. I’m keen for us to build on that success, and to push forward and improve as a team moving into our series against Wicked Gaming.

Wicked are obviously the team to beat; currently being top of the LCD standings. We’ve had some productive practice going into this one. Hopefully we can make that show and give a solid performance.

Linops is someone that we had as a substitute on Diabolus, so I’m definitely aware of the threat he can pose in toplane; we’ve definitely been keeping him in mind with regard to our preparation.

Wicked so far have had some very interesting drafts; they have really shown that they are capable of playing a wide range of champions and styles – we’ve put in a lot of prep behind the scenes to try to make sure that we’re not caught out!


WHO: Copenhagen Flames VS Wicked Gaming

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: September 19th, 19:00 CEST

WHERE: twitch.tv/leaguedenmark