Given the uncertainties around the future of Overwatch future as an esport outside of the Overwatch League, we’ve agreed with our entire roster, that it is best for both parties to not re-sign contracts at this given time. Both the players and management here at Copenhagen Flames, do not think it is wise to negotiate without complete information, and as such all of our players are now free agents.

We want to thank all of the players, as we’ve enjoyed working with all five of them over the past four months, and we wish them all of the best in their future careers, regardless of wether that future lies with Copenhagen Flames. They all have what it takes to atleast compete in next season’s Contenders, and we hope to see them in the Overwatch League one day aswell.

More information on the future of the Copenhagen Flames Overwatch division will follow, pending official information from Blizzard regarding the esport scene outside of Overwatch League.