We’ve signed a new DPS player for our Overwatch team; Shax
Shax is entering our starting lineup effective immediately, replacing naGGa. The reason for the change, is that we needed another strong DPS player, to supplement Zaprey in our offensive. We believe we’ve found the right fit with Shax, as he is an incredible mechanical player. Shax has also been high up on the Top 500 ladder for most of this season, which further proves his level of play as a damage dealer. Shax is not without experience either, as he has previously played for Singularity Gorillaz, and has won lan events like Insomnia.
We’ve been incredibly happy to work with naGGa, and for now we are keeping him within the organization. We are currently discussing options with naGGa, to see if we can find a way, that makes sense for both parties, to continue working together. However we just want the best for naGGa, so we’ve also agreed to let him explore other options if he so wishes. We know that a lot of our fans are very happy with naGGa, just as we are, and we will update you on his situation as soon as we know more.
We wanted to give you a chance to get to know Shax better, so beneath here is a written interview with him.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Johannes Nielsen, and I play under the name “Shax”. I’m 18 years old, and I attend school in a town called Skive. I feel that I’m capable of both playing passive and aggressive, depending on what the situation calls for. When I play Tracer, I like to play patiently and poke my targets down, before I move in for the kill – This give me a higher chance of success. When I’m playing Pharah though, I tend to play more aggressive. I like to go after the healers first, to ensure an easier won teamfight. 

What has you first impression of the team been?
My first impression of the team is very good. We play well together, but we also have a ton of fun together. We are taking our scrim games, and official games, very seriously, but at the same time we are enjoying ourselves. If we face any problems or obstacles, we talk it through after our games, and try to come up with a solution. I think we are a strong team, and we can with time challenge the best teams.

First impression of Copenhagen Flames?
My first impression of the organization is also good. Copenhagen Flames wants the best for their players and fans. It’s an organization that wants to achieve something within esport, and I like that a lot. I also like the fact, that they don’t really put any major pressure on their players. There is a huge amount of kindness with the organization, and everyone in Copenhagen Flames are giving it their all for the organization.

Why did you choose to sign for Copenhagen Flames?
As I said, I like the fact that the organization is ambitious, and they are trying to achieve something within esport – as am I. Plus it’s a danish team, which provides better communication, but I also feel like it creates more honesty and openness between the players, as we all have similar backgrounds and culture. Also it’s going to make it easier for us to get together as a team for bootcamps and lans, which might be difficult with different nationalities on a team. I’ve also played with some of the players before, and when I got asked to do a tryout, I knew that I wanted to play with these guys.

What are your expectations moving forward?
My expectations for the team, is that we will most likely be making top 10 in Europe. It’s going to be a difficult journey making it into top 10, but when I look at how we are performing in scrims, I have high hopes for what level of play we can bring this team to.

You played with the guys in the first week of Overwatch Nordic, which you won, any thoughts on the teams performance?
I think we played well all the way through the cup. The first two games were no problem, but some issues arised on Hollywood, the second map in the final. We went into the final very confident, and perhaps we underestimated our opponents. We beat them 3-0 on the first map, and things were going great. But when we started playing on Hollywood, we started stressing out. Our backline was dying, while theirs was not. We got split up in fights, and we started stressing and panicking a bit. We lost that map, and the morale took a hit. Going into the 3rd map, we were still trying to find ourselves. We still made several mistakes, but ended up being able to take the win 2-1. 

The Overwatch team can be seen playing in Overwatch Nordic every wedensday for the next few weeks, live on: https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchnordic