We are pleased to announce that Copenhagen Flames has been purchased by New Equity Venture International. This agreement will look to enhance our financial capabilities and to accelerate our current growth.

Our infrastructure will be upgraded in every area and we will be able to compete at the highest level of esports.

Since being established in the summer of 2016, weu2019ve been growing rapidly both in terms of our teams and players being among the best in Europe in all the games we are engaged in as well as event organizing. We will strengthen our esports department, bringing in teams, coaches and players in esports who play at the highest level as well building an even better and more structured environment around them.

Our tournament and event organizing has been a huge part of our growth, both with the creation of the talent programme, Scouting Grounds, the Danish Hearthstone Championship, and multiple smaller tournaments. We will continue to expand on this with even more and bigger events, as well collaborating with organizations like Cross-Border Esport to help organize, produce and plan their events.

Besides funding NEVI A/B brings a wealth of knowledge, organizational know-how, structured business development and high level strategic planning. Our vision is to build the best organization in the world and to attract and engage fans from all places.

Our current owners, Steffen Thomsen (CEO), Daniel Vorborg (Head of Esports) and Michael Emcken, will retain their current positions, as well as continuing as shareholders. The organization will stil be based in Denmark, which we are proud to represent around the world.

We would like to thank all of our fans, supporters and sponsors. Without you, this would never have happened. Also, a huge thank you to all Flames employees, who are part of this dream of ours and work very hard each day to represent us in the best way possible.

The future is burning bright, and we canu2019t wait to show you whatu2019s in store next!