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League Championship Denmark vs Wicked Gaming

Match Recap

League Championship Denmark vs Wicked Gaming

Daniel Vorborg, Director of Esports

Going in to this weeks game of League Championship Denmark, we saw this game as a must-win. We expect ourselves to be at the top of the table, and as such we need to be able to comfortably win these sort of games. We did also carry out two very convincing victories with 26-4 and 19-4 in kill scores, and we were never really in danger of losing the games.

One thing we struggled with last season in games versus underdogs, was that we would lose focus and give the enemy team chances of getting back into the game. That wasn’t the case yesterday, and we are very pleased that we are moving in the right direction. This, however, does not mean that we still don’t have things to work on. Our rotations between lanes – when we have multiple lanes pushed – needs to be way cleaner, as we are currently rotating too fast, allowing our opponents to follow. This issue, and a couple of others, will be our focus moving forward.

We firmly believe we have the strongest lineup in League Championship Denmark

Daniel Vorborg

Daniel Vorborg

I also want to highlight one of our players, and that’s our AD Carry JensenJR. He received a lot of criticism from casters and the likes last split, but I feel like he is starting to show his true potential. Him and JeppeHou have gotten off to a great start together and after the first four games, JensenJR is boasting a 27/4/27 K/D/A. Our bot lane is able to play all sorts of styles, hyper carries, early dominant ACD’s but also passive lanes that need to wave clear, if we are playing for top side of the map.

We firmly believe we have the strongest lineup in League Championship Denmark, and we are confident in our ability to secure early leads, and thus need to reach a point where we are more responsible with those leads.

Next week they will have a chance to prove themselves, as we are going up against Good Game Esport, a team that is very known for playing around their botlane.


WHO: vs Good Game Esport

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: November 12th, 19:00 CEST