"...and the game spiralled into the definition of a clown fiesta"
Daniel Vorborg on our third match in League Championship Denmark

Yesterday we had our shot at redemption after our dissapointing performance versus Good Game Esport. And we took it, for the most part.

We faced up versus Singularity, who were sitting on the first place in the league before this weeks matches. Most people in and around the team has put us as a team that can only play around top lane, so we hit them with a bit of a surprise. We expected Nøac to default onto his comfort pick in Kai’Sa, and as such we had prepared the counter pick in Draven. A champion that is the complete opposite of what we had shown so far in LCD, and I think we caught them off guard. JensenJR got first blood after Grisen served it to him on a platter with a great play on Alistar. From there, the game was incredibly clean, except for two minor hiccups. 27 minutes was what it took, as we ended with a score of 14-4 in kills and 9-1 in towers.

Game two was a different beast. Once again we tried out something different in the bot lane, and had prepared a Yasuo and Braum bot lane. It worked out very well for us, and we got the early lane. From then on we failed to play around our win conditions, and the game spiralled into the definition of a clown fiesta. Kills traded left, right, and center – ending up with Nøac being incredibly fed on the Kai’Sa. Our team fight proved to be overall better and we managed to closeout the game, although it wasn’t with a satisfying performance. 

It was an improvement from last week’s series; but looking forward to next week, we need to prove that we can have back to back solid games versus Wicked. This will be an incredibly important game, as we are currently tied for first place with them.


WHO: VS Wicked Gaming

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: Wednesday, September 19th, 19:00 CEST

WHERE: twitch.tv/leaguedenmark