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League Championship Denmark vs Lyngby Vikings

Match Recap

League Championship Denmark vs Lyngby Vikings

Daniel Vorborg, Director of Esports

Last week of the regular season has concluded, and we end up with a 7-0 score and 14-1 in maps. Although we would have loved to pride ourselves on a perfect 15-0 record, we are still satisfied with our overall performance in the regular season.

Last split we fell just before the finish line and I will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Daniel Vorborg

Lyngby had a slim chance of crawling out of last place while we were locked in first place; which meant the series overall didn’t have much nerve. After we comfortably secured the first game win, Lyngby’s chances of not finishing last was gone, and game two turned into a bit of a showmatch as a result. Second game also resulted in a win and another 2-0 series was secured.

I quickly want to touch on the performance of Guubi – who subbed in – in the place of JensenJR. First game he did admirably in a losing matchup, staying relevant and not giving away too big of a lead to the Draven/Thresh snowball lane. Whenever an opportunity was there to take back pressure in lane, him and JeppeHou did just that, which is a great sign for a young inexperienced player. In game two, Guubi gave up too many deaths – but everyone was just having a bit of fun, and I don’t believe anyone should judge his level based on that game.

Now we have one week to prepare ourselves for playoffs and make sure we hit our highest level of play yet. We don’t know our opponents for the semifinal yet but it doesn’t really matter to us. Our goal is to win, and we see ourselves as heavy favorites versus any team in the league. That doesn’t mean we will underestimate them, quite the contrary. Last split we fell just before the finish line and I will make sure that doesn’t happen again.


WHO: Semifinals vs #4 in the regular season

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: December 15th, 15:00 CEST


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