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League Championship Denmark vs Hobro Vikings

Match Recap

League Championship Denmark vs Hobro Vikings

Daniel Vorborg, Director of Esports

If you like games filled with kills, well then our series versus Hobro Vikings was a series to your liking. The first game featured no less than 48 kills in 24 minutes, while game number two provided us with 43 kills in 28 minutes.

With this 2-0 win, we secure ourselves first place in the regular season

Daniel Vorborg

While it was entertaining to watch – and it always felt like we had the edge in the games – it was still two very sloppy games compared to our standards. We picked a lot of fights and allowed Hobro Vikings to pick a lot of fights, while we had one of our split pushers off on the other side of the map. This game we got away with it most of the time due to how far we were ahead. Heading into playoffs though, we need to shape up and not give our opponents any chances.

With this 2-0 win, we secure ourselves first place in the regular season, having one game left. We still have Lyngby Vikings left, and while we have secured our spot, they shouldn’t expect any favors. Every week we fight to confirm our spot as the #1 team in Denmark, and next week will be no different.

Heading into playoffs it will be interesting to see how we stand versus the other top teams. It’s been a while since we played versus the likes of Buck’s Vipers, and I’m sure Singularity are hungry for revenge as well. Our previous results in the split don’t mean anything heading into the semifinals, so the pressure will be on us to show up and deliver.

The game featured a lot of exciting team fights, as you can hear in this clip.


WHO: vs Lyngby Vikings

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: December 9th, 16:00 CEST