maNkz, mertz sold to x6tence

Today we can announce another two players being sold, once again to x6tence, as Marcus “maNkz” Kjeldsen and Daniel “mertz” Mertz have been transferred with immediate effect.

Director of esport, Daniel Vorborg, had the following to say about the transfer:

I did not expect to have to write another one of these articles this soon, but things don’t always go the way you expect them to.
After we sold our last roster to x6tence, we carefully weighed our options in terms of the strategy we would solidify moving forward. We ended up on deciding to bring on the five most promising free agents and see how far we could take that roster. While we continuously evaluate with the players and the team as a whole, I didn’t expect to have to consider roster changes before New Years at the earliest. Marcus and Daniel definitely showed me promise in the only 7 weeks they were here and as such we weren’t too interested in selling them when x6tence approached me. However; the players thought it was an interesting option for them, and in cooperation with them I agreed on a price that would be acceptable for us to let them go. A week went by and x6tence agreed on the buyout we had set for both players.

While we really wanted to keep both players, we ended up receiving a really great offer for both in the same range as some of the most expensive players we’ve ever sold.

I want to thank Marcus and Daniel for the work they’ve put in in their short time here, and we wish them the very best moving forward in their careers.

Looking ahead, we will take a small window of time to weigh out our options.

At the same time, we also reflecting on our past year. We have sold 12 players in 12 months and grown our financial capabilities, and our entire business with it, in a very unique way.

I don’t think anyone has ever done anything like it and I doubt we will see anyone mimic it in a long time.”