League of Legends Update

Mikkel Guldborg, League of Legends coach & manager.

Thinking about Nordics is leaving me with a bitter sweet feeling. It’s never fun to go out 0-2 in a semifinal, especially when we know we could have won. That being said I’m proud of what we have accomplished. We were 5 rookies, Yung, Eden Fox, Guubi, Kalhira and me, who had never played on an international stage, and we were able to keep our cool all the way till the end. We certainly had our ups; fun picks, learning, bonding. And we also had our downs; fighting each other, different opinions and the pressure of playing against great teams. For me personally it has been a meaningful experience, with tons of memories and lessons I’m bringing with me forward to the next split.

If we look into our LCD split, I’m gonna be honest, some of us are lacking the motivation to play. Playing 2 leagues at the same time is very draining on the body and mind, especially now that we got knocked out of Nordics. As it stands, we are reducing our scrim-time. We are hurt but not broken, and we will come back to at least secure one league win with this roster. So please watch the streams and cheer us on, and in return we’ll do our best to take the championship.