League Championship Denmark vs Singularity


League Championship Denmark vs Singularity

Mikkel Guldborg, League of Legends coach & manager.

Copenhagen Flames vs Singularity; a game that in the past would have been match-up of the split. However, in these circumstances, with us at first place and Singularity at the bottom of the standings; that old rivalry did not feel as anticipated as before. Nevertheless, we had prepared against Singularity. Ever since we were close to losing a game against Bucks Vipers, we had learnt our lesson about respecting our opponents. We had worked out multiple scenarios according to their bans and how we would play around them. But, they never banned a single champion in those scenarios and thus we were left with multiple OPs. We decided this was a game where we could afford to have a little fun and we decided to give the players some champions they had missed playing.

In the first game, Guubi got his famous Ezreal back joined with a favorite of Kalhira; Thresh. Nille got Jayce and Eden Fox his Vlad. The game was an individual stomp and macro-wise definitely could have been played better. It was sloppy but a welcome break the players had needed.

Game 2 went the same way but with Guubi’s Ezreal banned out, it was time to bust out his Vayne and he was joined by Nille’s Irelia. However, this time the players had no understanding of the game whatsoever. It was a solo q style game with no correct plays being made. Although extremely embarrassing watching from my perspective; it was a showing of individual talent.

Moving forward with our eyes set on Wicked Gaming, we can continue with a serious mindset. Our fun have been had with our old rivals and next time we load on to the rift, it will be a tough fight for first place.


WHO: vs Wicked Gaming

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: Sunday, March 24th, 19:00 CET