Coach and Director of Esports Daniel Vorborg walks through last night’s League Championship Denmark match against Hobro Vikings.

In the first map versus Hobro Vikings we drafted ourselves a 1-3-1 composition, with great scaling in the sidelanes with Fiora and Yasuo; while maintaining great wave clearing ability with JensenJr on the Ziggs. It didn’t take long for our Slovenian top laner Kektz to get ahead, as he secured first blood only 3 minutes into the game.

Our team also claimed the first tower gold, as about 9 minutes into the game Grisen and Styllee made their way up to the top lane, and assisted Kektz in getting the tower. From there on out we slowly secured more and more pressure on the map, as especially Kektz’s Fiora kept up constant pressure versus the opposing Aatrox. That lead to us being up 5 turrets to none 20 minutes into the game.

The final nail in the coffin came after our 24 minute baron take, which lead to a 9 turret and 12k gold lead at 28 minutes. From there, we reset and pushed their base, won the final teamfight and finished the game 30 minutes in.

Second map saw us move on our to the blue side, and Styllee stayed true to his Kindred from the first game, and secured it for himself with a first pick. Once again we claimed first blood, this time 7 minutes into the game, as Grisen and Raxon followed up on a beautiful engage from Kektz and his Gnar. And once again we got the first tower in the toplane, and once again it was Kektz with the help of Grisen and Styllee that knocked it down.

We were well in control in the early game, but at 13 minutes we played overly aggressive into Hobro Vikings blue side jungle, and saw ourselves lose a teamfight 0 for 3. The next 5 minutes saw a couple of kills being traded back and forth, but no real advantages were taken by either side.

That was until minute 18 when both Kektz and Raxon managed to take down the inner turrets in top and bot simultaneously. With pressure in the side lanes, the midlane tower was next to fall, with a great rotation in from our solo laners.

After acquiring complete map control, we took Baron Nashor 23 minutes into the game, and closed it out after two pushed at the 28 minute mark.

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