League Championship Denmark vs Hobro Vikings


League Championship Denmark vs Hobro Vikings

Daniel Vorborg, Director of Esports

It’s been a while since our first game in League Championship Denmark; as we had a one week break after week 1. It gave us the opportunity to work on our game and become more confident in multiple styles of play. The first couple of days after week one we spent a lot of time experimenting; trying to see what other ways of playing the game could work for us. Then the plan was to lock ourselves into a draft for Hobro and play those sort of champions and compositions leading into the game. However, due to unfortunate events and illness, we were only able to play 2 scrim games in the last four days leading up to the series against Hobro.

Daniel Vorborg

This gave us some uncertainties heading into this week’s series; as we weren’t really in a good flow and didn’t practice our potential draft in advance. That meant that we perhaps defaulted a bit back to things that have been strong in the past for us rather than focusing too heavily on some of the newer power picks on patch 9.3 that we have only practiced a bit.

This makes me feel there is still a big untapped pool of potential; as we can practice stronger compositions and picks moving forward that has been unlocked with the latest patch.

As mentioned, when we headed into the first game, I wasn’t quite sure how well we’d do from the get go – and to be honest; I expected us to make a lot of smaller macro mistakes like pressuring too hard at wrong situations and not playing around our strong points.
This didn’t turn out to be the case though as we played an extremely clean game from start to finish. We respected what our enemies could do and we pressured together with Yung and were patient with when and where to make our plays. Both games were convincing wins and we finished them in 24 and 26 minutes.

The next week we are looking forward to continue to improve our team – and macroplay – as we are more so working towards having the ability to be a great team long term than we focus on being the best team possible for next week. With that being said, we still aim to beat the teams participating in LCD and Bucks Vipers are of course no different. We expect to win the series 2-0, and continue to submit our position as a top team in the league.


WHO: vs Buck’s Vipers

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: Monday, February 25th, 19:00 CET