League Championship Denmark vs Bucks Vipers


League Championship Denmark vs Bucks Vipers

Daniel Vorborg, Director of Esports

If I were to describe this series with one word that word would be “messy”. Even though we pulled through and got the 2-0 victory in the series; we cannot be happy with the way we played. This week we pulled out a couple of new picks – mixing things up, and playing compositions with a bit different win conditions. However we ended up playing individually sloppy and taking fights we shouldn’t and getting caught out in situations we shouldn’t.

This ended up in a map 1 that featured more kills than minutes; which is not the style of League of Legends we want to stand for. We need to have more patience in our play and focus on the team-wide objective.

Luckily for us Bucks Vipers had massive issues closing out the game and in the end we managed to all-in on the enemy Kalista – who was massively fed – and got a teamfight win. We got Baron Nashor of the first teamfight win and another fight right after which secured us the game. The game was very long stretched and lasted almost 39 minutes.

The next game, while still sloppy, was a very fast win. In fact, it was the fastest game in this split of LCD so far. We bamboozled the casters and most likely also the enemy team with our Sylas flex-pick. With aggression – and at times over aggression – we finished the game in under 22 minutes. The last teamfight got topped off by a quadra-kill to Eden Fox on his Azir.

So while we diversified our picks and still kept our 100 % win rate, we cannot be satisfied with the way it happened. We need to shape up, especially with a tough opponent like Ventus awaiting us in the next match.


WHO: vs Ventus

WHAT: League Championship Denmark

WHEN: Sunday, March 3rd, 19:00 CET