Valhalla Series was a great event, the biggest Smash event on Danish soil ever. How was your experience of the event?
Now that I’ve been to my share of different tournaments throughout Europe I do have some previous experience to compare this tournament to. I think in general the tournament was very well ran. The TO (tournament organizers) staff were very well coordinated even though it was a first-time event. I did take part of helping a little backstage namely seeding. But the Valhalla staff really worked their ass off to ensure the tournament went well. Namely King Funk who is the main figure in running Valhalla worked so hard. I am really proud of my fellow Danish players that they were able to accomplish this on Danish soil.

For the event as a player I had a very great time. I met a lot of friends, that I’ve made throughout Europe. As well as meeting a lot new ones. This event was actually one of the first where your “average” player recognized me and came up to me, to ask me about playing friendlies and advice for playing against/as my character. It was nice to see that I had made it into the pool of players a lot of people wanted to meet.

You did great at the event, finishing 5th overall while beating some top EU players. Take us through the event?
The event took place the 4th to 8th January, ending with a whopping 251 attendees. I myself entered in three categories. Singles, doubles and triples. Triples took place first and is usually not a format that is played. But it was added as a sideevent. Never the less me and my doubles partner SirShyGuy entered this with one of our fellow friends Calmaty. And after doing way better that expected we actually ended up winning after a reset in grandfinals which went to game 10 (last possible game)!

The next day we played pools for singles. The 5th and 6th seed decided to not show up. I ended up beating everyone without dropping a single game and making it out first seed. Then we went on to play doubles, where SirShyGuy and I got 4th. We we’re double eliminated by Finlands number 1 and 2 (Lancelot and Solobattle). Who got 2nd at the event.

The day after, the main event was taking place, which was singles. In the first round I had to play a Cloud from the Netherlands named Draco. He was a pretty good Cloud. He just went for a few too greedy kills and got impatient when I got in the lead. Which led to a 3-0 victory. Then I had to go on to play Whiny. A good Swedish Ryu. Ryu is a character that is very scary. He can sometimes have trouble getting close to you. But when he does he sometimes just kills you off one hit. I was however very confident against the character and it led to a win 3-1.

After that I had to play Griffith, the 2nd seed at the entire tournament and considered to be top 10-15 in Europe. I was looking forward to this match a lot. Both because we play the same character and because I am very confident in the match up. I am also very good at an advanced technique called Smash Directional Influence (SDI) which is crucial against Bayonetta. The actual match was so fun! He had a very hard time doing his combo because of the technique which meant that I got more of my combos, even though I lost more of the neutral interactions. This lead to a hype set I won 3-1!

After this I made it into top 8, where I had to play Meru. While I played fine against him. I got caught by a few things that led me to lose in winners 1-3. I felt like playing against Griffith had emptied my “tank” and didn’t have the stamina to go into top 8.
After that I sadly had to play my teammate for getting into top 4. It was a somewhat close set ending in 2-3 to SirShyGuy, placing me at 5th.

When you beat Griffith (#3 in France), there was a large crowd cheering for you – how did that make you feel?
It was so nice, especially because I knew all of the players that were supporting me and cheering for me to win. It was the biggest upset a Danish smash 4 player has ever made so it was very hype when we went into the last game! I was very happy with my performance and hope to continue this fashion at future tournaments

Looking forward, what are your goals these next few months and for 2018?
I am soon going to the Smash 4 invitational in the Netherlands the 17th of February. I am hoping that I can make a few upsets there, as almost the entire top 30 in europe is showing up. If I could make top 8 at such an event, or even further would be amazing!