Perhaps some of our fans haven’t heard of you before, can you talk a little bit about yourself?

I’m Danil, and I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m 27 and I play Hearthstone, and have already done so for several years. I reached legend rank for the first time back in February 2015, and have started to take Hearthstone more and more serious since. In general I like decks with interesting gameplay, so I don’t favor control over aggro as an example, I just enjoy good gameplay. As an example, I really liked Quest Rogue and Renolock, but also Freeze Mage and Combo Druid. But my favorite deck of all time is midrange Shaman.

You are the third person on the roster together with Twink and Ronnie, did you know anything about about them before joining Flames?
I saw a post on twitter with the top ladder players of 2017, and they were both there (As was I). I’ve especially noticed Twink on ladder, and he seems to be one of the best ladder players in EU. I also saw Ronnie’s run in playoffs where he finished 8th. I’m sure that they are strong players, and that we can make strong results together in 2018

What made you decide to join Copenhagen Flames?
I was looking for offers to represent a strong team in the team standing, and this roster was the most interesting to me.

A lot of changes happened to the HCT system, one of the things being them implementing teams – what are you looking forward to the most in 2018?
I’m happy to see changes in the HCT system, but it still has to improve. The team standings is also a nice addition, and I hope that we will see more team tournaments like this in future.

What are your goals for you and the team this year?
I’m looking to do well in everything. Strong performances on ladder, playoffs, tour stops and the team standings. And I’m sure Ronnie, Twink and I can do so!