Jesklaa and Maxilol’s Journey

The swedish ad carry player Jesper “Jesklaa” Klarin, and danish jungler Magnus “Maxilol” Kristensen participated in Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds back in May, and have also been confirmed for the one on September 15-17.
This article will try to describe how their decision to join the Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds, impacted their professional League of Legends careers.

If you ask Jesklaa and Maxilol why they joined the Scouting Grounds, Jesklaa replies:

“I signed up because I wanted my name to get noticed more and I thought it could be a fun and learning experience”,  and Maxilol adds “I was curious to see what it was so why not check it out. Nothing to lose”.

Both of them got a lot of exposure as wanted. Maxilol only played a few games, but participated in interviews, and got to show off some of his personality and positive arrogance. Jesklaa played many games over the course of the weekend, and had the opportunity to show off his champion versatility and big plays.
And the organizations looking for new talent were taking notice. We got a hold of Christian “Mantik” Kopf, long standing manager in the German scene, and founder and CEO of German team: Attempting to Reconnect. Christian was scouting talent, looking to assemble a team to fight for glory in the ESL Meisterschaft, and used Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds as a tool for that.

“I think the Scouting Grounds helped me in that way that I could see scrims of the players without running tryouts, which saves a lot of time. I spectate a lot of solo queue but you can’t really tell much from that. The games in the Scouting Grounds are more structured like a scrim game, and everyone is trying their hardest”

Jesklaa and Maxilol, in particular, impressed Christian, and the parties ended up under the same banner: Attempting to Reconnect. While they weren’t favorites in the ESL Meisterschaft, due to other big teams being present in the scene: Mysterious Monkey, ALTERNATE aTTaX and Euronics Gaming, it was a good starting point for Jesklaa and Maxilol.

Jesklaa said the following, about the time right after Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds: “After scouting grounds I was contacted by Mantik about a tryout for the team he was making for EPS. After a couple of tryouts, I was picked for the spot.  We played the league and for a beginning, it didn’t work out great for us. The second half of the split, we managed to rise up”

And rise up they did. Despite their sloppy start, they kept their heads cool, and started grinding out the wins. They ended up making it into playoffs, and having to play ALTERNATE aTTaX in the semifinals, a team with another Scouting Grounds contestant Anders “Fittle” Wind. Jesklaa and Maxilol came in as underdogs, but played their hearts out, and got away with a win. The two players had a major part in the teams success, and Jesklaa played the teamfights out extremely well, like in the clip below.

In the finals they had to play against Mysterious Monkeys, and while Jesklaa, Maxilol and their teammates fought their hardest, it wasn’t enough to overcome their opponents. However for their rookie split, with most people predicting them to finish fourth at best, Jesklaa and Maxilol can be extremely proud of their performance.
Maxilol has since signed with Spanish side KIYF, while Jesklaa is a free agent. They’ve both decided to participate in the upcoming Scouting Grounds aswell, and it’ll be interesting to see how they perform as the level of players seems to have been taken up a notch. When asked about the higher level of players in this months event, Maxilol said

“I love competition and to be honest last time there was not a lot of competition. I’m looking forward to face some better players.” while Jesklaa was a bit more modest and added “While I find the competition harder in this Scouting Ground, I still want to display that I have improved from last time.”