Copenhagen Flames Announce Partnership With IO Interactive

We’re happy to officially announce that we have entered into a partnership with Danish game developer, IO Interactive.

IO Interactive is among the most prestigious game developers in the world having created the world renowned Hitman series. Their 20-year old history speaks to both the longevity of their games as well as their ability to create great gameplay experiences.

This partnership will primarily allow both companies to work closer together and we will offer our expertise, insight, and feedback of our teams into their games – especially the competitive and co-op elements of HITMAN 2. We can’t wait to work with IO Interactive in the same way for future titles.

We believe that a partnership between a game developer and an esports club is unique and we see fantastic opportunities for creating unique content that is relevant to the IOI and Copenhagen Flames communities.

We will be based at the Copenhagen Studio, where our management team, pro bootcamping facilities and Academy project “Light the Fire” for aspiring esport players will be located. Working in the same building will allow us to work together, eat together, and play together as well as easily share resources and knowledge.

This is a monumental step for our club and a another step towards our ultimate goal of becoming the worlds best esports club – both competively and in terms of building the most loyal and engaged fanbase.

Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive:

“Esports has been through a fantastic development in the last few years and we believe they will play an increasingly bigger role in the games industry and also for traditional sports in the years ahead.

Steffen and Copenhagen Flames are extremely passionate about what they do, and we share many of the same values and visions for the future, which makes this partnership feel like a perfect fit.”

Steffen Thomsen, CEO, Founder and Co-owner of Copenhagen Flames:

“I am so proud and excited about this partnership. IO Interactive mirror our passion, values and vision of greatness and they are gamers at heart, just as we are. I couldn’t think of a partner better suited for us and I can’t wait to start this journey; where we hope to bring our fanbases together, create engaging content, and to express our passion for gaming in general. This partnership is truly about our love of games and providing the best possible experience for our fans.”