Introducing CS:GO FE

Director of esport Daniel Vorborg, and team captain Vicky “vic” Dose have lately been working on finalizing our CS:GO fe roster. This weekend on the 25th we will feature a roster in the Ambush Female Invitational as part of our tryout process.

About the roster and process, Daniel Vorborg had the following to say:

“The process of locking in our female roster has been a bit delayed due to an unforeseen extra workload with Flashpoint and having to deal with a team being abroad amidst the COVID-19 breakout. Vicky has been amazing in the meantime though, and picked up my slack to put together a promising lineup to tryout in practices and the Ambush Female Invitational this Saturday. I’m also looking forward to accelerating the process now and being more involved with the team. Seeing the team in practice; there is a lot of potential and raw skill – but also a lot of things to be learned when it comes to organized team play. With the resources we already have in Copenhagen Flames, and that we are looking to add, I believe we will be able to make great strides rapidly and see a lot of improvement in a short period of time. All of the girls seem eager to learn, adapt and improve, and are putting in a lot of work to be ready for Saturday. They have only played together for a short while so it will be exciting to see how far they’ve come. There are a lot of strong lineups in the tournament, and I’m looking forward to track the lineup as they get put to the test.”

Daniel Vorborg

Director of Esports


Vicky Dose

The captain of the team Vicky “vic” Dose also connected the following comments:

“We are very excited to get an opportunity like this, so early in the start up fase with our talent lineup. I know the girls will do everything in their power to do their best and prove we got something great going on. Its a big tournament with all the best teams in Europe, but i hope we go through to the semis. With about one week of pracc its gonna be difficult, but we will do our best!”
The roster for the Ambush Female Invitational representing Copenhagen Flames is as follows:

The team is placed in Group B together with Giants Red, Ambush and former Flames player “mimi” and her team WRTP.
All of the action can be caught on Saturday the 25th of April on