We recently signed the PUBG duo Martin “Avnqr” Gøth  and Ali “PONYRIDEREn” Bdair, a duo we have high hopes for competitively. We interviewed Avnqr to give you a chance to get to know them better and to know what their expectations are for the coming challenges.

“So first off, who are you guys?”


“We are both Danish, 29 years old living in Frederikshavn and Naestved. We started playing PUBG from the beginning, but it wasn’t until season 2 we began duoing. Both of us are experienced FPS players and I was part of the national Call of Duty team back in the day. “PONYRIDEREn” has mostly played H1Z1 where he reached Royalty 2. Our PUBG duo peak is #22 and #13 in season 2.

Our best result internationally is our 7th place in the Curse Trials, where teams like TSM, Liquid and Cloud9 participated. Most of the participants are now part of squads who will be at Gamescom.

We were very happy with the result and look to do even better at Gamescom.”

“Why did you sign with Flames?”


“Copenhagen Flames fit our level of ambition very well. We want to be the best, both in Denmark and internationally. Most organisations sign full squads, but they believed in our duo. That’s not to say we won’t go full squad someday, but as of now we want to focus on 3rd and 1st person duos. And doing a bunch of tournaments under the Flames tag.”

“What can the fans expect of you in terms of streaming and tournaments?”


“We will be streaming at least once a week on Flames TV and occasionally do guides and intros to PUBG. As for tournaments, we will participate in Gaming.dk’s new PUBG league – DPL and any other duo tournament possible. We’ve already bought tickets for the big Gamescom tournament and hope to qualify in both 3rd and 1st person duo.”

“PUBG has gained enormous interest in a very short time, why is that?”


“Personally I find the game extremely entertaining and balanced. No match is the same, you never have the exact same loot and the zone is always different. The developers work extremely hard to improve the game and listen intently to their users. The game is easy to understand and play, and anyone can sit down and play. The little element of RNG has a way of making the game even more exciting and fun to watch.”

“Which format has the most potential in your opinion?”


“I think 1st person is the most competitive and duo and squad has the most potential as for esports. Maybe 3rd person is more enjoyable to watch but I don’t think it’s as competitive, it’s a bit more casual. I believe we will see huge 1st person tournaments where you’ll get point for both kills and placing in the future.”

Remember you can watch the duo live on Flames TV every week, and be sure keep and eye out for them in the DPL and the coming international tournaments.