Happy New Year

From CEO Steffen Thomsen and all of us at Copenhagen Flames

What a year it has been for our club. A year of ups and downs, great experiences, heartbreak, and emotional victories. We’ve won multiple trophies both domestically and and internationally, and have continued to build on our solid foundation.

Our young male CS:GO roster almost reached top 30 in the world with an average age of 20 years. They had opportunities for even more in both Kiev and Banja Luka; but our lack of experience, being such a young team, meant we couldn’t bring a trophy home – but at least we took back lots of experience. Our Female team did very well qualifying for the main tournament in both WESG in China and Girl Gamer Festival in Dubai bringing home our first international trophy at Girl Gamer Festival at Madrid. As part of our Women in Esports project, we established a female team at our academy and we are thoroughly impressed by their progression and willingness to learn. We will continue to push and strengthen our female player development project and hope to bring in even more female gamers.

Our Fortnite team continued to help us reach new heights of popularity with all of Gram, Zrool, Sebm and Fickzi being the most popular streamers in the country while getting better and better competitive results. For different reasons we couldn’t keep them here, but I am very grateful for their work and commitment to our cause. Fortunately, we still have solid roster of Quitoooo and t0nse, both of which continue to impress with their hard work, talent, and loyalty. Quitoooo is one of our longest standing members and watching him grow as both a player and human being has been a huge pleasure. We will continue to expand our roster and to build and even better academy. It was a huge milestone to promote one of our youth players, KaZu, to the Academy team and we will be looking to bring in more academy players to develop them and secure a promising future for our Fortnite division.

Commercially we’ve done very well by signing a 3-year contract with the biggest gaming gear brand, Razer, and our revenue streams have increased which has led to a our best total revenue result ever. Our different Social Media platforms run by the superb Unni Christiansen, continue to grow at rapid pace and our engagement rate has not suffered despite that. I believe it’s because we stay true to who we are and our promise of being transparent, forthcoming, and inclusive while creating some of the best quality content out there. Just in 2019 our YouTube channel has increased by 11.000 subscribers – thanks to the huge commitment and work by our content manager Michal Galewski.

Top 5 highlights 2019

Steffen Thomsen

CS:GO - Power Play

Our CS:GO team took home the 1st place trophy at Dust2 Power Play LAN in May 2019.

Partner - Razer

We established a long-term partnership with the global lifestyle brand for gamers.

Project - Women in Esports

We set sail on the journey to promote women and girls in esports.

CS:GO - Victory over North

Our CS:GO showed their hard work in a 2-0 over Danish team North – crowning the Kings of Copenhagen.

CS:GO - First Player Sale

With the sale of roeJ to Tricked (now MAD Lions), we established our place as a club for talent development.

Top 5 highlights 2019

Daniel Vorborg

Head of Esports
CS:GO - Qualified for WePlay!

Our CS:GO team qualified for our biggest International LAN event yet at the $100.000 LAN in Ukraine.

CS:GO - Power Play

Our CS:GO team took home the 1st place trophy at Dust2 Power Play LAN in May 2019.

Fortnite - Quitoooo in DH Finals

Fortnite player Quitoooo made it all the way to the finals at DreamHack Winter 2019 - in the end taking home $1750.

CS:GO FE - Qualified for GG Dubai

Our CS:GO fe team took 1st place at Girl Gamer Madrid, securing their spot at the $100.000 world finals in Dubai.

LoL - Top 4 Nordics

Our League of Legends team showed strength with a top 4 placement at Nordic Championships.

We are getting closer to running a sound business with no yearly deficit and to continue on that path we will strengthen our investment in our youth academy and establish talent development cooperations with the best and most professional amateur clubs in Denmark. Another huge milestone for us was the sale of Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen to Tricked Esport, and a core part of our business going forward will be to develop players for sale as well as using “homegrown” players on our main teams. Within the next few years; our main teams in both Fortnite and CS:CO, will consist of at least 25% “homegrown” players.

Denmark is a power house in esports but the foundation is fragile. Most Danish clubs run with a deficit and have little to no economic capacity. We need to start thinking of the future – a future where we can’t expect investors to pour money in to the esports scene, where we have to build our own sound businesses while developing Danish talent for the future.

We are committed to this path and will build Europe’s best academy through cooperations with amateur clubs, developing players both off and on the server and elite training facilities all driven by our values and feeling of family. A secure, engaging, and welcoming environment is the first step to bringing the best out of anyone. Spearheading this endeavor will be myself and our Head of Esports, Daniel Vorborg, one of the few Danish esport personalities to have built his career internationally working for clubs like G2 and Splyce. We believe in having a physical environment where our players and youth athletes come to our clubhouse and offices to practice and engage with both our staff, pro-players and team mates on a weekly basis.

Esports is built on an online premise but I have no doubt that, to create a genuine team spirit, club culture, and loyalty; you need presence, eye-to-eye conversations, and an environment which inspires you to do more than “just” play the games.

2019 has been a great year for Copenhagen Flames, a year which has propelled us to being a genuine professional esports club and business. Our ambitions for the future continue to grow and with our fans continued support the sky is the limit. When I reflect on who we are and what we stand for, how our players and staff enjoy being a part of this, see more and more fans wearing our gear, and the growth of our academy, I feel immense pride of what we’ve achieved so far. This business is a tough as any, and we’ve been able to grow while staying true to our values and working together as a family. Regardless of any great tournament win or commercial deal, that is what I’m most proud of.

Thank you for your continued support in everything we do. You, our fans and followers make the dream that is Copenhagen Flames come true each and every day for all of us.

Best wishes and a happy new year!

Steffen Thomsen