There’s been big change in the performance of the team since you joined, can you describe what type of role you have within the team?
Since I’ve played on a high level with my previous team ‘Loot Goblins’, were we participated in IEM Oakland and Curse Trials Finals against the best teams in the world, it made sense that I took the in game-leader role on our team. I don’t necessarily have the last call on everything. PUBG is a game where information is incredibly important, and I can’t see and hear everything that the guys can, so sometimes they’ll have to make crucial calls aswell. But I’m trying my best to lead the guys, and make sure we have direction in our play.

You’ve just been through perhaps the hardest and most important week as a team. Both Curse Trials and IEM Qualifiers – How was it?
We started out the week with Curse Trials on thursday, and we knew there were a lot of really good teams in our group, and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to advance to the finals. We managed to get that thirds place though, and we were through to the finals. However going into the finals, you just know you are going to face even better teams. Eventhough we didn’t win, we learned a lot from playing against these top tier teams, and we can take a lot with us moving forward. This experience will definitely help us becoming a better team and better players moving forward.
IEM Katowice qualifiers were also really difficult. Strong teams every round in every group.



And you had to do it all with a substitute player, because Buuuh was unable to participate. Was that a big challenge to overcome?
Playing with a substitute is always difficult. Everyone has to adapt to each other in a small window of time, and that makes everything hard, especially versus the type om competition we were up against throughout the whole week. So I think it was a big disadvantage for us when Buuuh announced that he was going to be unable to play with us. The amount of practice that we had with Slim was very limited, and with that in mind we are satisfied with the results we were able to obtain.

If we start out with Curse Trials, what were the expectations for this tournament? Your group seemed pretty stacked with teams like Vitality, G2, Big and Lumber Mill.
We went in with the mindset that we just had to play our own style, and just stick to that no matter who we face in our games. Wether they are called G2, Vitality or whatever – that doesn’t matter to us. However because there were a lot of known teams, we knew how they wanted to play the early stages of the matches. After the early stages, we just had to take it step by step and keep our composure.

You made it through to the finals as 3rd place after some great maps, especially Map 2 and 3. Map 2 you all made it into the final circles. What worked out for you guys on that map, that didn’t necessarily work on the other maps?
Since the difference between circle 3 and 4 is so big, a lot of teams will just naturally die in that transition. We got somewhat lucky and we managed to make it through that phase with some good rotations. PUBG is well-known to be a RNG game, as circle luck has a big impact. However it does also require a good amount of skill to end up winning the games. A lot of things can go wrong during a map, but the hardest part in my opinion is rotating around the map, and taking the correct hills or compounds.

And then there was Slimcarry who snaked his way to the end of map 3, and ended up taking the win on that map – How was the communication through it all and after?
Slim required complete silence on the discord, and we gave him exactly that. We had all died early in that same game, so we were only communicating absolutely critical information. Yeah, we’d just only speak if it was absolutely required. After we saw the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, we knew that Slim had performed a miracle. Everyone was extremely hyped, because that win was so important for our placement in the group!



In the final you got a 9th place overall, and in the IEM Qualifier you made it through Round 2, but had to exit after Round 3. What do you think you are lacking to make it to the absolute top of Europe?
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but one of the things we need to practice is the timings and our rotations on both maps. We’ll be going through replays from our previous matches, as that is really important, so we can counter our opponents better in the future. Both things will help a lot as we continue working towards being a better team.
At this point we also just need more experience. We still have less than 15 games versus the absolute top teams in EU as a squad, so I think we’ll naturally improve as we get more exposure to this level of play.

And you have another big week coming up right away. Danish Winter Series Thursday, GLL qualification Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
What can you take from the previous week into this one, and what are the expectations for these tournaments?
We need to watch through our replays and pinpoint our mistakes, so we can keep improving as a team. Otherwise you keep polishing our rotations and timings.
Buuuh is also coming back, so we can start getting back into our rhytm as a squad, and start scrimming together as a squad again. We already have the Winter Series semis on Thursday, and we need to get ready for that asap, so we can advance to the final, but one step at a time. As always we aim to be the best in Denmark, but this seems to be the most stacked danish tournament to date, so it’ll be fun to see where we stack up.
Global Loot League is going to be stacked with talented teams trying to make it in, so our practice in the start of this week will be crucial. It’s going to be difficult making it in, but we’ll do our best, and just take it one step at a time.