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Nicklas Lindholt

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goodbye krigsmikkel

Steffen Thomsen, Owner, about KrigsMikkel leaving Copenhagen Flames:
Mikkel started as a part-time Fortnite academy coach and has since grown immensely both as a person and a valued employee. His ambitious way of thinking has driven our Fortnite divison to great heights and his sharp mind for business development has proven very valuable to our club. He has put in motion several exciting projects which we are only just beginning to dive into and so his Flames legacy lives on as he continues his journey elsewhere. Him leaving the club is of course a tough loss, but nevertheless I couldn’t be happier for him as he gets to prove himself at an even higher level. Thank you for everything you’ve done and achieved at Copenhagen Flames.

We will announce how our ambitious Fortnite staff setup will be going forward at a later stage.

Mikkel “KrigsMikkel” Rasmussen about leaving Copenhagen Flames:
“My time with Copenhagen Flames has been simply fantastic. I’ll be forever gratefull for the opportunities that I’ve been presented with in this organisation, and I would never have reached the status I have without Copenhagen Flames.

The trust, support and faith Copenhagen Flames have put into me is beyond words, and I’ve been able to create, build, fail and try different things within’ my time here. There is so much that I’d highlight from my time in Flames in terms of greatest moments, but my main thing is definitely that I’ve helped put the organisation in a better position with anything Fortnite related.

Getting the chance to work with a professional Fortnite roster, create a Youth Acacdemy from scratch and hosting Fortnite tournaments are some of my proudest work-related moments. Next to this there is the culture of Flames that I’ve been a part of for 3 years. I have a hard time describing with words how this is, since it’s some you’d have to experience for yourself in order to understand. Everyone in Copenhagen Flames are driven by passion and everyone contributes to the club greatly. Passion for their job, passion for esport. Working with people passionated like yourself motivates you to work more, harder and better. The people of Copenhagen Flames is what makes it such a succesful organisation, and I’m sure that Copenhagen Flames will be the greatest club in Danish esport some day.

Lastly I want to thank Steffen, Michal and Daniel. The management of Copenhagen Flames have always had my back, and always supported me – no matter what. I’ve felt home and safe in this environment, which has allowed me to grow and build up what I have today. I’m forever grateful for everything they have taught me and given me, and I wish them and Copenhagen Flames nothing but the best in the future.

I’ll still be in esport, and still be in professional Fortnite scene. I’m excited to share with everyone where my next adventure will take place soon.

En gang Flames – Altid Flames”