Unni Christiansen

Unni Christiansen

Head of Communications

Good Luck Rookie

Today we say goodbye to Pierre “rookie” Halajian, who has coached the Flames Shieldmaidens since Spring. 

While rookie has been a big part in helping the girls develop as players and as a team, we have decided to go in a different direction. 

In August, as we played in the 2nd and final qualifier for ESL Impact; rookie’s username was found in Twitch chat of our stream and we were disqualified from participating. While we believe there was no ill intent, and this has been clarified with and accepted by ESL Impacts admins since – it was a huge blow to all of us, since ESL Impact was a big part of our goals for the team. Together with the team, we decided on a trial period to see if we could rebuild the trust needed to succeed. In the end, we have chosen to go down a different path for our Shieldmaidens. 

We wish rookie the best of luck in the future, we have appreciated your work while with us!

As for the Shieldmaidens – stay tuned 👀

Today we sad goodbye to rookie. He played a crucial role in putting our lineup together and has always been extremely humble and kind. He has been a loyal member of the Flames family for some time now and we will always be thankful for his contribution. However I feel like we need to move in a new direction which is a new coach who possesses a different profile. Finding a new coach is not easy, but we are working hard to find someone that will enable our CS:GO FE squad to compete at the highest international level, which I'm sure the girls are capable of.
Philip Karsbøl
Head of Esports