Good Luck HooXi

We say goodbye to our in-game leader, as he moves on in a transfer to G2. 

Steffen Thomsen, CEO, says: 

I am so happy for Rasmus, who finally gets the recognition he deserves. He has done nothing but impress us all in his time at our club and we will miss him dearly.

He is one of the hardest working players we’ve ever had, with a very sharp mind and willingness to be more than “just” a player. He has always found time to reach out to the staff, thanking them for their support,  he has been extremely easy to work with, and has always showed his appreciation to the fans. His ability to connect with a team of players and create a harmonious unit has made our club able to reach incredible heights and I can’t thank him enough for his contribution and getting us to two Majors.

G2 and their fans can look forward to one of the most underrated IGLs in CS:GO; someone who has much more to give and with plenty of potential. I applaud G2 for their choice and giving Rasmus the chance to shine at the highest level. He deserves the absolute best.

Finally, I am proud that we have again been able to help a player develop to reach greater heights. We have once again proven our track record of sending off our players to the next tier, stronger than ever.