Good Luck 9o_clock, Elfred & KovaaksXD

Today we bid our academy trio farewell. In my opinion they are still some of the most talented players in the Danish esports scene, but it’s difficult to work and grind when you’ve lost the motivation to play Fortnite.

Both Elfred and 9o_clock will be taking a unknown amount of time (if not fully quit) break from competitive Fortnite as it seems for now. I completly understand what the guys are going through as they enter some of the most exciting years of their youth, and there is tons of things to look out for which makes esport a low priority. Kovaaks will be continuing his career, but not under the Copenhagen Flames banner, since we decided that it would make the most sense for all parties to go seperate ways.

We sensed the lack of motivation already in the last season, and it has also partly impacted our results in the previous season. I wish nothing, but the best for the boys and hope they find their way in life – even if it’s not in esport, because they are awesome people, who I have both learned a lot from by coaching but we also had countless hours of fun together. Thanks for everything and good luck in the future to 9o_clock, Elfred and KovaaksXD.