Fortnite Championship Series

Fortnite Manager Mikkel Guldborg brings an update on FNCS Week 3.

Before I go to much into detail about this weeks FNCS, I want to shed some light on how we do things with our players in Flames. We work with our players as if their are one team. Even though none of them are a duo, we believe every one of them can help each other with their experience and vision of the game. Therefore all players sit together in a meeting and discuss everything about the game, and how they want it to be played. After this, we all decide on what our objectives should be out of the the game, in game – and work ethic wise. This week we upped the practice and VOD review hours, as well as trying to achieve more placement points, rather than elimination points. This always gets the players and staff worked up and ready for the tournament.

Heading into the games itself things sadly didn’t go the way we wanted with all players.

Jordberry had issues with the new playstyle and found it unnatural, which is fair, all players are different, and he sadly didn’t qualify for the Semi’s. t0nse started to experience the problematics of not having synergy with his duo and will be playing with a new duo for the last week of FNCS.

But it was not all bad. Deqzy – our newest recruit to the Flames lineup – continues to deliver with a mind boggling placement of #15 in the opens, qualifying him for Semis.

My biggest surprise this week was definitely Rasmusnie finishing #111 in Opens and then going on to place #95 in Semis!
Sadly, neither qualified for finals, but they are looking great in terms of consistency points heading in to the last week of FNCS.

Preparing for Week 4, everyone is willing to give it their all. I can confidently say we’ve never had a better Fortnite roster than now. Every day their fire inspires me and the staff and no matter the results they can be proud after this week.

Player of the Week

I have been voted as the player of the week because of my performance in FNCS week 3. Tiltern and I finished at #111 in the open session and played like we should in the semi finals as well and placed #95 in Europe. If we can do the same thing and correct our mistakes for the last week, I’m sure that we will place top 100 again, but our goal is of course top 50.