Flashpoint 1 - recap

We journeyed to Los Angeles for the inaugural season of Flashpoint with big goals and a thirst for proving ourselves. The plan was to secure a spot in the playoffs and even with our very recent roster changes, we felt confident in our abilities to make it.

Phase 1 Group Stage

The group draw for Phase 1 went down on stage (watch it here), and we ended up in a group with HAVU, c0ntact and MAD Lions. Tough competition, but we felt confident that we would be able to clinch a top spot in our group – aptly named “In-Game Feeders” by the talent.

13/03/2020 - Group Opening Match

We debuted on the Flashpoint stage against c0ntact on Nuke. Despite a close first map – our pick – we fail to lock it down in OT and move on to Train. Here, c0ntact takes a dominant win and we lose our opening series 0-2.

VS c0ntact


Nuke – 16-19
Train – 5-16

21/03/2020 - Lower Bracket Round 1

In the first round of the lower bracket we would run into our old friends roeJ and AcilioN. We had a surprise pick up our sleeve in Dust2 and succeeded in catching them off-guard in the picks and bans. It paid off and we won a confident Dust2 and moved on to Train. Now the lions showed their teeth and bit back – we never really showed up and now it was all down to Nuke as the decider. It turned into a close nailbiter of a match as we went back and forth, but in the end our fellow Danes closed it out and we lost 0-2.

VS MAD Lions


Dust2 – 16-9
Train – 6-16
Nuke – 13-16

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Phase 2 Group Stage

The second group draft happened off stream as all teams were moved to in-house setups to play at home. We found ourselves in group “WHOMEGALUL” along with HAVU, Cloud9 and Envy. After our last-place finish in Phase 1, we would need at least a 2nd place in our group to advance to playoffs. Still, we felt secure in our ability to make it. With the in-house setups we had a unique space to pracc and improve – an invaluable opportunity for a relatively new lineup.

27/03/2020 - Group Opening Match

Our runin with HAVU started out on strong on Train and we secured matchpoint at 15-7. But HAVU was not done and took the comeback all the way to overtime where, sadly, we weren’t able to close out and lost the map. Overpass another close match but we weren’t able to convert our rounds and lost the series 0-2, once again finding ourselves in the lower bracket.



Train – 17-19
Overpass – 14-16

31/03/2020 - Lower Bracket Round 1

Starting out on Cloud9’s map pick Dust 2, we had a solid T side and went to halftime at 7-8. We then struggled as CTs – closing only a single round in our favor – and moved onto Overpass one map down. Cloud9 showed strength as CTs but we so did we – in the end despite a very close match we weren’t able to close our rounds and lost the series 0-2 – out of Flashpoint 1.

VS Cloud9


Dust2 – 8-16
Overpass – 19-22


Despite the lack of wins at Flashpoint, we saw great improvement from the team. Being in Los Angeles at what essentially turned into one long bootcamp, we were able to work on and fix a lot of things in our approach to the game. The team has been working tirelessly all the way through and have taken immense strides to improve. Coming home, we only see the future burning even brighter.

Player Highlight - TeSeS