Copenhagen Flames x Sørby Esport

Talent development program and cooperation with Sørby Esport

We are delighted to announce our talent development cooperation with Denmark’s largest amateur club, Sørby Esport. Sørby has developed numerous talents for the professional scene and with this cooperation we look to strengthen our own academy and main teams in the future. With our help, resources, and experience; Sørby Esport will be the premier amateur club in Denmark to join for any aspring esport talent.

Through this partnership, the goal for Copenhagen FLames is to create the best academy for esports in Europe where players will develop and strengthen their skills both mechanically, physically, and mentally from a young age. We believe talent development starts with skilled coaches, a safe and welcoming environment, as well as a training and playing philosophy. Bringing these youth talents through the ranks of our academy system will in turn strengthen our main teams, with players who have the framework, mindset, and skill set to compete at the highest level.

Our goal is to develop players for either our own professional teams or to make them ready to compete and play for other professional clubs.

Sørby will receive both funding for their main teams as well as a cut of transfer fees from players developed through Sørby and sold by Copenhagen Flames. Going forward all Sørby main teams in each individual title will be named “Sørby Flames”. We believe this is the future for esport talent development – by building a bridge between the amateur and professional scene where both parties will benefit greatly.

I want to thank Sørby Esport and Mark Kristensen for their progressive way of thinking and look forward to a long and prosperous cooperation.

Thank you for reading.

Steffen Thomsen
CEO, Copenhagen Flames.