Flames x HomeSweetHome

Copenhagen Flames CS:GO joins Relog Media’s 2021 tournament circuit as a regional flagship team. 

We’re excited to be joining Relog Media’s #HOMESWEETHOME series in 2021. As a regional flagship team, we dedicate ourselves to attend a minimum of 6 Relog Media events throughout the year along the likes of Sprout, North, HAVU, and more.

The first 3 events through January and March are scheduled with $100.000 in prize pool each, and with Relog Media’s experience hosting tournaments we are happy to pledge our participation to secure stability in the scene.

Tournament structure

Each tournament is divided into four stages, with a portion of the prize pool going to each stage. Initially, 8 regional GSL groups will be played resulting in the top 2 teams going on to the regional Swiss stage.

In the regional Swiss stage; the 16 qualified teams will play to place top 8 – the cutoff to advance to another Swiss stage where the teams will be joined by 8 invited teams. The 8 best teams from here with continue the the final stage – the single elimination playoffs where 4 invited teams will join the fray.