Flames x Energive

It is with great pleasure that we today welcome Energive as new partner in Copenhagen Flames!

We are pleased to welcome Energive as new partner in Copenhagen Flames! Energive is a Danish energy company supplying companies and businesses in Denmark with electricity and internet. 

In this new partnership, Copenhagen Flames and Energive are teaming up towards a common goal:

Improving the well-being of children and young people by establishing a partnership built on a foundation of esports and gaming, community activities, education and knowledge sharing.

According to Danish Authorities, statistics from recent years show a clear tendency: The well-being of children and young people in Denmark is surely and steadily decreasing. More than 1 out of 10 has been treated for mental illness and/or disorders before they turn 18 years old (source).

In the aftermath of covid-19, war, economic uncertainties, pressure and high expectations from society, and for some also the family too, to excel in school, in sports and in your (future) career, can you even blame our youth for feeling exhausted and anxious?

That’s a question both Steffen Thomsen, and Michael Hertz, CEO and Founder of Copenhagen Flames and Energive respectively, have discussed from the very beginning, when they initiated their talks of a partnership between Copenhagen Flames and Energive. 

With this partnership, we first of all hope to break down taboos and misconceptions that exist around children’s gaming habits. If we openly discuss and speak about our own experiences with gaming and esports, we may change the perception of these areas. When someone states that gaming is harmful to our well-being, both Thomsen and Hertz go the other way around and try to explain that their experiences with gaming have only brought them joy and happiness. 

Thomsen and Hertz agree that gaming and esports was their “go-to space” when they were young and struggled in school or felt misunderstood by adults. If our partnership with Energive can help children in Denmark by providing them a space of comfort and joy, we feel we are on the right path.

A perfect solution on how to improve the well-being among children is perhaps not obtainable, but Copenhagen Flames and Energive will nonetheless do our best to reach our common goal: We want to offer a space for young people where they feel they belong, where they can grow and develop and be met with respect from like-minded people. 

[...] Energive will help breaking the taboos that exits around gaming and esports, and do our part to ensure that esport and its communities really become a part of our society. We must accommodate everything that creates well-being. Well-being should not be reserved for those who fit in best. Well-being must be for everyone.

Steffen Thomsen, CEO and founder of Copenhagen Flames:

I am pleased that we can form a partnership with Energive who from the first conversation has been very clear about their interest in esports and gaming and clear about the purpose of a collabaration between Energive and Flames. We will work together to nuance the conversation about gaming and esports, where the unhealthy aspects of gaming isn’t the central subjects, but instead the unique properties of e.g. gaming communities and clubs are highlighted. 

Furthermore, we need to focus on children’s well-being and the difference gaming and esports can make. We hope to be able to make a difference with this partnership by facilitating crucial debates and initiatives as well as articulating the opportunities gaming and esport can offer to young people. 

We will later this year facilitate a CS:GO tournament, Energive Cup, with a prize pool of DKK 75,000. The Energive Cup will be part of our initial initatives with Energive in order to reach our common goal of improving the well-being of children and young people. 

Welcome to Energive!


Michael Hertz, CEO and founder of Energive:

We love esports and we love its clubs and communities. These were the feelings that immediately came up when we in Energive talked about what we as a team, company and individuals are passionate about. Therefore, it was only natural for us to enter the world of esports.

After reflecting on why, it quickly dawned on us that it is about more than just love for the two areas. We want to be there, too. We want to support, make a difference and come together for change in a world that is not always recognized for its potential. 

Esports and its communities are in a gray area in many families. It is not given that the family understands the communities that exist in esports, that they understand the game and the countless hours of socializing that usually come with it. They don’t understand it because it’s new. It was the same when the TV arrived, when PC’s made their way into homes and when the Internet stormed forward. 

Unfortunately, it is the case that many children and young people are unhappy today, which is largely due to other people’s expectations of them. It is precisely here that esports and its communities can make a big difference for many children and young people. Not all children thrive on a football field, or fit into the boxes that society typically wants them to do. Some may even have a diagnosis and others may just find it difficult to fit in. Exactly those children can glow up and shine psychologically, socially and in their technical game-wise skills. Why? Because they thrive.

In other words, Energive will help breaking the taboos that exits around gaming and esports, and do our part to ensure that esports and its communities really become a part of our society. We must accommodate everything that creates well-being. Well-being should not be reserved for those who fit in best. Well-being must be for everyone.

In esports, you aren’t measured on your height, weight, physical strength, grades in school or social status. Esports is supposed to welcome everyone, boys and girls, young and old, with open arms. The bottom line of esports is that it is for you and me – it’s for everyone.

No matter if you struggle with your (mental) health or fit in inside the “boxes” and expectations society has established for you, or not. 

In esports, you may succeed as a great player. A great leader. A great team mate. New friendships blossom online and in the game; Likeminded players have a space where they can socialize, develop new skills, educate themselves and obtain new knowledge about strategy, problem solving, teamwork, health etc.

In an esports club, the children are met by an adult who mentor and guide them. The coaches understand the struggles their young players face in school and at home, because they too have struggled with the same dilemmas. 

In Copenhagen Flames, we know we have an obligation to inform, educate and guide the young people as much as their parents; We have to transform the misconceptions and taboos that exists in our society in order to debate and discuss what esports and gaming have to offer: A wide range of possibilities, commitment, personal development, new connections and success experiences. 

Initiatives of Flames x Energive

Initial initiatives of the partnership between Energive and Flames.

Podcast with Thomsen & Hertz

In this podcast, Thomsen and Hertz talk about the new partnership.

They discuss how to break down the taboos revolving gaming as unhealthy activities as well as their common goal of improving the well-being of children through esports initiatives such as education, tournaments and knowledge sharing.

Energive Cup

A CS:GO tournament for Danish teams, including top-tier organizations, schools, semiprofessional clubs etc. with top-class production and livestreams! 

$10.000 in prize pool, with open qualifiers for all to enter.
More info will be revealed soon! 

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