Flames x Advokatgruppen

I am extremely pleased with the Advokatgruppen partnership as we were looking for a partner who would be able to assist and support our club and business as we move from start-up to a mature company. We are always looking to strengthen our organisation and strategic partnerships of this kind are of utmost importance. Advokatgruppen is a well-established law firm which has shown great enthusiasm for esports throughout our talks.

The partnership includes legal counseling for all our players and staff, which in turn strengthens the setup and support around our employees. This is a key value for us, as we believe our personel management is one of our biggest strengths.

Dan M. Dahl Rahimian and Steffen Thomsen

There will be more to come as Advokatgruppen will also be looking to help out Danish esport athletes who need counseling for contracts. We will create content with a focus on some of the key legal issues the esport business continues to be haunted by and to get as much information out there as possible.

Thank you for reading.

Steffen Thomsen
CEO, Copenhagen Flames.

Esport is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. This has led to increased interest among players, clubs, associations and commercial parties such as sponsors and investors. Due to the rapid growth, we find that the legal matters have not followed properly in the industry.

With a great interest in esport and a solid knowledge of legal and business related matters in esport, we want to influence esport towards a more professional direction. We are delighted about the partnership with Copenhagen Flames. Not only do we share common values like – commitment, passion, and an well-balanced approach to people and business – we also believe that Copenhagen Flames have great potential to become a world famous organization with an acclaimed brand.

We are excited to follow Copenhagen Flames and to take part in their journey. “

Dan M. Dahl Rahimian
Advokat / Attorney At Law